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Website Planning

90% of industrial buyers will research on the internet and eliminate potential suppliers before they even consider calling.
B2B Magazine, June 2002

The essential elements to successful web site begin with establishing the objectives of the web site and understanding your audience. The success of our clients’ comes from taking the time to understand their business and applying Usability Principles and not “flashy” marketing ploys. We not only understand how industrial companies operate, we understand how industrial buyers utilize the internet.

Usability principles guide us on the way industrial buyer’s source and how much time they are willing to invest to get the information they need. Close attention is given to engage your particular audience based on their preferences.

How do your prospects view your site?

Strategic Planning

  • What is the objective of the web site?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How do they search?
  • What information do they need to further the process?

The web site must address the following questions

  • Do you provide the detailed information your audience needs?
  • Can the visitor search for their needs with their parameters?
  • Can they obtain the information in the format they desire?
  • Do you provide all the information they need to further the process?
  • Are you able to monitor the performance of the web site?

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